Popular colors for WOMEN 2015 S/S

28 Sep,2014

There are some neutral colors like cold colors, desert colors shows its appearance on the list of 2015 S/S pop colors which is different from previous years. The TOP 10 are as following:

NO.1 AQUA Aqua is a color with vitality and surfing feeling.

NO.2 Grapefruit As a new color, Grapefruit appears in Milan show this year. It will be in a major palce in 2015 which cannot be ignored.

NO.3 RUST As a neutral color, rust looks like a color coming from desert, and now it is becoming a leading color in fashion.

NO. 4 Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemum is a golden color like chrysanthemums brings us a brand-new concept which other golden colors don’t have.

NO. 5 Cheese Cheese is a soft color with simple sense like cream.

NO. 6 Lavender Romantic lavender will continue to be popular in the coming year.

NO.7 Clover Clover will be a new green color with a much deeper saturation.

NO.8 Poppy Poppy, with dazzling halo, is a necessary color for spring/summer,

NO.9 Indigo As a fashion color which can be seen everywhere, it will be the main colors for 2015.

NO.10 DARK GREEN Dark green, widely used in fashion, will be more shinning in 2015。


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