Pantone Releases The Top Colors for Fall 2016—But You Only Need to Know These 5

16 Feb,2016

Ever wonder why certain colors just blow up? The way a particular shade of blue will turn up on runways, in your favorite menswear shop, even interior design? Nine times out of ten, the people at the Pantone Color Institute are behind it. Designers and big brands swear by their seasonal color predictions. Well, just in time for New York Fashion Week, the color authority has released it's newest batch of shades for fall. Dominated by blues and red-ish browns, Pantone curated the palette for its calming properties meant to provide some relief from our stressful, over-saturated lives. "With all the angst that's out there in the ether and in the world around us, there is a need for more calming colors," said Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Institute. Safety orange be gone.

While there are ten hues in total, we're here to tell you you and your wardrobe need only be concerned with these five (above): Sharkskin, Lush Meadow, Potter's Clay, Spicy Mustard, and Riverside. The muted takes on primary colors aren't conventional, but will easily fit seamlessly into most guys' neutral-heavy wardrobes. Sharkskin is a metallic gray, like your Don Draper suit. Lush Meadow is green, like your wool Ebbet's Field hat. Potter's Clay is the color of your favorite socks and the tie you should be planning to wear on Valentine's day. Spicy Mustard is the right yellow to wear if you're afraid of wearing yellow—start with a wool beanie. And Riverside, that's your jeans, the dress shirt you wear with a gray or navy suit, your work-out gear, and your favorite backpack (you're already on board with Riverside). See, being on trend isn't that hard. Just do us a favor and don't wear all five colors at once.

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