2014/2015 F/W International Fabric Trend

19 Feb,2014

Season theme for 2014/2015 F/W is “How to restore the desire we lost”. Four themes with entirely different style will explain the theme in different ways - REVELRY, PREDICTION, TRANQUIL, EMOTION.


Emotion is consisted of 2 parts - Restore the willing of communication & restore folk culture. Splicing technology, tapestry and embroidery perfectly illustrate the renaissance of emotion in folk patterns and embroidery. Checkers on ribbons, mixed embroidery with folk color, etc. will bring those lost technologies back. These inspirations will be applied on shirts for the next season.


Color shows its importance in this theme. Colors for summer can be used in winter as well. Neutral color, baby pink and vintage green are the key colors of this theme. Floral patterns will be popular in this season. Fabrics with texture and transparency would make the fabrics more tranquil and comfortable.


Colors under prediction are normally dim and deep. A series of dark color like midnight black, ebonize, ivory bring us sense of beauty. Lace will be another key element in this season, but how to treat lace as print pattern, and shows its character by laser cut is highlighted in the season. Besides, leather will be another important fabric.


Revelry theme is about searching desire of laughing, embracing happiness and optimistic attitude of life, which means more bright patterns and colors will be seen in this season.3D will be applied to this theme. Jacquard with bright color combination will be another trend to explain this theme.

Extracted from China Textile

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